Saturday, 27 October 2012

my victory lap aka my cookies are pretty and can kick cancer right in the nads

So I tend to think of myself as a completely non-competitive person.  Being competitive is like sports and I don't do sports so I'd just rather forgo the whole competitive thing altogether, yanno?

I'm more of a watch the figure skating for the outfits kind of gal and I stopped doing that about 10 years ago.

So anyways, Sheila told me there's a bake sale at her work and wouldn't you know it, it's a cancer related bake sale.

No, not raising money for's already a greedy mofo.  It's for cancer research at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.   As  y'all know I lost my husband David O'Farrell to cancer almost 3 years ago and wouldn't you know it, I can bake!

I was damn well going to make cookies for that bake sale.

Dave T inspired me to make the cookies with an autumn colours theme and while I was trying to fall asleep the other night I remembered that I have a maple leaf cookie cutter.


It's SUPER easy to do.

Just make 3 bowls of what I call "cheater royal icing".  It's basically royal icing without the meringue powder.  I just mix icing sugar, warm water, and vanilla until it's the consistency of thin pudding.  It's creamy but will drizzle off the spoon easily.  Just make sure it's not runny because it needs to give a nice coating on the cookie.   Too runny and the icing will be too thin and you'll end up with more icing on the countertop than on the cookie.

Colour one bowl red, another bowl yellow, and the third bowl orange.

Pour the contents of each bowl into a larger flat bottomed bowl (I used a shallow corning ware dish) one at a time and in different parts of the bowl.  Take a skewer or something (particularly something you don't want stained) and swirl the colours together slightly so that they mix up a bit but they do not blend.

Take your cookies and dip them into the dish and set them on racks for the icing to set and harden.  Oh there will be icing drippage so put wax paper or  plastic wrap under your me.   This is what happens under the racks....looks kinda cool actually.

The white blobs are from the chocolate cookies I made to go along with the butter cookies because I can never, ever,  just make a little bit.

Yeah.  This is what I made for the bake sale.

Aaaaaaaaand guess who got unofficially voted the PRETTIEST COOKIES OF THE BAKE SALE???


That's right!

And even though I priced my leaf cookies at $3 dollars a plate they sold for $10 dollars a plate!



Does being smug take away from my good deed?

So much for having no competitive streak.

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