Saturday, 12 January 2013


Well it's 2013 and I haven't blogged in AGES.

2012 ended off with me starting a new therapy program.  It's a year long course of DBT.

I also learned to crochet and crocheted up a bunch of scarves for everyone for Christmas as well as making a bunch of jewelry to get into the gallery for Christmas.

Christmas at my sister's was wonderful and much  more peaceful than I was expecting what with a house full of dogs and all.  I was sent  home with buns, Luciano sausage, and a brand spankin' new iPod among other assorted goodies.  The generosity of my sister and her husband as well as my mom and her husband humbles me and makes me feel blessed to have them.  And how much my sister's in laws make me part of the family fills me with warmth and happiness. 

So instead of blogging I've been putting pictures up on facebook from my iPod.  Well, when I'm not crocheting that is...

Check out my  new hat that I crocheted myself!

New Year's Eve was spent eating seafood and I had my first and only raw oyster.  It doesn't taste bad...just kind of salty really.  I just wish it didn't look and feel sort of like thick mucus.  I guess foodies would call that a "creamy" texture.  I just call it slimy.   I'd try it again.  Mostly because I'm stubborn.

So here it is, January 2013, and I find myself in a fairly deep depression at the moment.

As the Bloggess says, depression lies.

And coincidentally, my therapist said that to me today too.  At one point I was ramping myself up to a good 'ole, "WHAT'S THE POINT IN ANYTHING IF WE ALL DIE ANYWAY" and she just looked at me and said, "That's just shit your brain is telling you and it's not helping!"

She's right.

But goddamn I am under the water right now waiting to breathe again.

But she says these things come in waves.

Maybe I need to make some sea glass art like I've seen at my friend Joan's house to remind me of the waves and  how they come and go.   She makes the most beautiful things.

Maybe it's ok to do that for myself.

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