Sunday, 19 February 2012

Brain Cookies

So my friend who is an artist by trade was doing a zombie themed art exhibit with one of his artist friends and for the gala opening I was asked to contribute some baking.

Well, I decided that being a zombie themed show, what better to bake than brain cookies???

There was only one problem.  I had never made a brain cookie before. 

Thoughts swirled around in my head for days on what I was going to do.  Should I somehow get a little brain mold and make chocolates to sit on top of chocolate and vanilla cookies?    Should I make the brains out of cookie dough?  Was it even possible? 

After much internal debate and a shopping trip that failed to yield a brain chocolate mold (who'd have thought they'd be so hard to find???? /sarcasm), I decided to make fondant brains to sit on top of chocolate and vanilla rounds with blood red icing.

How hard could it be?


Ok, it wasn't all that hard.  But having no mold, I made each and every brain by hand and it took me a crap load of time.  About 7 hours worth on the brains alone.  I have severe carpal tunnel...gimme a break. 

Here's how the brains turned out:


I made little blobs of fondant shaped like eggs.  Then I made ropes of dyed fondant using gel black and pink dye and placed them in "s" like shapes all up and down each side of the brain.  Here's a couple of tips.  When using the food colouring...a little goes a long way and don't completely  knead it together...leave it a little streaky for a better brain effect.  Oh and just wet the fondant down to get the ropey bits to stick to the fondant blob.

And here are the finished cookies:

Gross and yet very tasty at the same time!

So don't ask me why on the eve of the gala I had a minor meltdown wondering if the zombie-going public would suddenly wonder if there was any implied racism in my cookies.  Yes that's right...racism.  I made chocolate and vanilla rounds with brains on top and I worried that my cookies WERE RACIST. 

When I mentioned  this irrational worry, I got laughed at.  A lot.

I had it coming.


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