Sunday, 26 February 2012

Kensington Market and a Fetus Named Steve

Today we all piled in the car to head in to Kensington market so Dave T could drop off art to fill up his booth at the Blue Banana.

You know how you play pinch/punch buggy whenever you see a volkswagen beetle?  Well we play it when you see a Yaris.  Except for me it tends to be a spectator sport.  I sit in the backseat and watch as Dave and Sheila try to punch each other whenever they see a Yaris.

Really.  It sounds a lot more fun that I'm making it sound.  Trust me.

So as we get fairly close to Kensington market, Sheila yells out "YARIS!" and punches Dave T.  (Ok so it's more like a bump but that sounds way less dramatic.)

Dave T complains (bitterly) that it wasn't a Yaris and Sheila reasons out that it was, in fact, an Echo which is the precursor to the Yaris anyways so it should really count.

I'm totally on her side.

Dave T kind of makes a few incoherent noises, twitches a little, and then says something to the effect of, "I just had a million things go through my head at exactly the same time and it all ended with the words A FETUS NAMED STEVE!"

You just can't make this stuff up I tell ya.

This of course was followed by a lot of laughter and a series of rapid fire comments of which I can only remember Sheila yelling out, "LARVAL STEVE!!!"

Now Steve, I don't know who you are but your fate is completely intertwined with Toyota.  You will be the precursor to a new line of hot hatchbacks with even more EPIC RELIABILITY.  Pretty soon when people hear the name Steve they'll punch their friends and won't know why.

Steve, fetus or are the future.

Apart from Steve, we also checked out our favourite shops and even a new one that had all sorts of nifty (expensive) kitchen stuff and lots of books.  I even managed to find some cheap cookie cutters there.

I know Steve is only a fetus but even he could appreciate my new skull and crossbones cookie cutter!


  1. I appreciate your skull and crossbones cookie cutter! I see it iced in pink...O yes.