Monday, 27 February 2012

I need this cookie cutter.

And possibly these ones.

They might complete me.

So no baking today.  I finally cleaned  the last bits of the most recent baking exploits.   I KNOW!  I left the pans for way too long...don't judge me! 

 Instead today I went to the doctor to get my ears checked.  I had a bilateral ear infection (that means both ears but bilateral makes me sound smarter) that was antibiotic resistant and lasted for 3 EFFING MONTHS last summer.  So  now whenever my ears hurt, I get them checked out.

No infection today but the right ear is definitely inflamed.  Also my eustachian tubes are full of fluid and not draining.  I think it's the  universe telling me I need an octopus cookie cutter.

My ears frikken  hurt but apparently it's because I'm allergic to everything and not because they're actually infected.

Can you bake in a bubble?

I bet an octopus could.  With 8 legs I bet those mofos can multitask.

Does watching T.V and surfing Lamebook count as multitasking?


My life is a glamourous one.

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