Sunday, 19 February 2012

Gingerbread Zombies

I'm just starting out this blog but I've got a backlog of a few cookie posts I want to get to so the first few posts will be really close together in time.  That's a helluva long winded way to say I'm probably going to make a couple of posts a day for a few days but the events they represent stretch out over about a month.

Well, except this post and the brain cookie post sort of happened at the same time so I've already blown my logic there or I'm somehow creating a temporal cookie paradox.  You be the judge. 


I panicked that brain cookies wouldn't be enough for my friend's zombie art exhibition so I thought it would be cool to make zombie gingerbread men.  Make gingerbread men, cut off an arm or head or leg on each one, ice outline as normal, put globs of blood red icing on the area that is missing a body part...easy peasy!!!

I only made gingerbread women.  Before you get on my case wondering why the inherent sexism didn't bother me while the possibility of implied racism in my brain cookies did bother me, well...I am at a loss.  It was just easier that way!!  Haha.

So as I was placing my first tray of cookies to cool on the racks, one of the gingerbread men (not a zombie yet but oh it's coming...yes it is...) made a valiant bid for freedom and landed on the floor.  Did I pick it up?  No. 

I did what any easily amused person would do after watching the gingerbread man do a double forward somersault onto the floor.  I got the camera.

Here's how it landed.  You can tell there's been no photo editing because the flour and dog hair is still shamefully on the floor.

Yep.  I'm easily amused.

The dog got that cookie after the photo was taken :-)

And here's how the zombies turned out.

They're kinda goofy but it was fun.  I think people were more willing to eat a zombie than a brain...hahaha. 

It was a great opening gala and I was happy to be a part of it. 

Zombie art.  Why not?

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