Monday, 20 February 2012

Family Day at Pacific Mall

So today was Family Day, a stat holiday when everything is closed.  Everything except the amazing, always interesting, Pacific Mall in Markham!

It's been ages since we went so my housemates and I piled into cars with a friend and hit the open road....along with everyone else.

Yeah.  I don't do so well with crowds.

I'd like to know why I always forget this fact when we decide to go there.  The lure of amazing Asian food  (bbq duck on rice...OMG) and the promise of all sorts of glitz, electronics, and unknown dried things in bins always makes me forget how crowded that place can be.

Oh and speaking of crowds, we went on a day where it was the only thing open so every freaking person for miles around went there too!

Parking requires strategy and a fair amount of luck.  Sheila told me to start visualizing probably when we were still around 40 minutes away.  I think way to many people were visualizing at the same time, thus overloading the parking God in the sky because it looked like all hope was lost.  As soon as I got kicked out of the car to meet our friends inside, she immediately found a space.

Hmmm...Parking God you are a fickle and mysterious God.

The Pacific Mall ritual:

1.  pray for parking

2.  if prayers go unanswered drive around giving the stink eye to anyone verging on your territory

3.  find a spot and breathe a sigh of relief

4.  head straight for the food court with the bbq duck

5.  repeat the parking procedure only with finding a table at the food court in mind

6.  install someone at the table to be on guard while others procure food...again, liberal use of stink eye and maybe a growl or two to ward off the masses might be necessary

7.  eat and forget for awhile that you are surrounded by screaming children, strategically placed slop buckets for the noodle soups, and an impossible amount of people waiting to pounce on any empty tables.

8.  make ready to leave your table and ignore the person who practically sits in your lap to claim your table before you've even fully left it.  After all, that's how it's done.

9.  begin walking the mall in post food bliss

10.  begin fending off the people that step in front of you, bump into you, or suddenly stop in front of you for no good reason

11.  attempt to go into one of the cute little stores only to find yourself cornered in a section with stuffed Totoro's and some kind of plastic doo-hickey that you have no clue what it's purpose is...

12.  fight your way out of the store...find a couple of square feet with no people in it and breathe

13.  repeat the last 2 steps until you can't bear the thought of fighting off anymore people

14.  go home tired, needing to pee, and thinking of that awesome duck

15.  completely forget all of the aforementioned steps until the last one and wonder when you'll get the chance to go back
    So anyways, in a store we love to go into called One's, I bought a few baking related things 'cause they were cheap and I have poor impulse control.  I bought a mini-star shaped cake pan, a mini loaf cake pan, and a set of circle cookie cutters.  Believe it or not, I only have one circle cookie cutter and it's rather large so when I saw the smaller sizes I grabbed it.  Only when I got home, I sort of noticed something that made me chuckle on the cookie cutter package.


    Plus I am easily amused.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm duck.

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