Sunday, 27 May 2012

And now for something completely different...GARDEN PICS!

I've been gardening for the first time in a few years and today I thought I'd take some pics just for fun.

Here's my little garden plot by the deck.  Sheila put the irises in last year.  This year I dug it out, planted some violas, mars midget, passion flower (in the back), and gladiolas.  I found some rocks at the back of the yard and I'm definitely happy with how it's starting to take shape.


The Veggie Garden!
A few different types of tomatoes, peas, a few different types of peppers, and onions.

The onions are already peeking through :-)

Ok, I don't know what this wildflower/weed is but it's darn cute.

Here is our chestnut tree in the backyard in full bloom.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Bees just love it so right now if you stand under it all you can hear is the humming of all the bees.

Chestnut blossoms.

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  1. We have the garden of awesomness...I'm so happy to see you gardening and making things of beauty.