Tuesday, 8 May 2012

creative confidence crisis

I haven't made any jewelry in ages.  Last weekend's Studio Tour as well as making a repair to an older necklace that sold at Meta4 has got me wanting to make things again.

Here's the one I just repaired.

Maybe it's leftover from the emotional day I had yesterday but I'm having a serious lack of confidence in the jewelry creating department.  I feel like my stuff is totally amateur because I've never taken any courses or anything.

I'm just a gal that likes to play with beads.

Plus I'm not happy with my style of beading lately.  I want to do something a little less labour intensive....something more fun and simple...and yet is still uniquely  me.

I dunno.  I feel like the women who run Meta4 are always on the verge of saying they don't want my jewelry anymore.  I've not been selling like I used to and I haven't brought in anything new since Christmas. 

But I'm finding I've got the itch to make stuff again.

I feel like it's like the jewelry equivalent of writer's block.

I've got to stop worrying about everything and just play with the beads. 


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