Sunday, 20 May 2012

crazy pills, gardening, and exhaustion...a less than exciting update

Tomorrow I take my last Effexor.

This taper down has been an absolute bitch with this last week being the hardest.  I've been off the rails a few times but with a little help was able to reel it back in again.  See how I  mixed my metaphors there?  I'm badass like that.

I ain't gonna lie.  I'm scared about taking the last one tomorrow.  And my latest round of blood tests is apparently showing that the drug levels for my bipolar II meds are too low in my system again.  That's not going to help matters. 

We'll see how it goes.  I'll be hearing back from my doctors this week I'm sure.

I've got projects to keep me busy. 

I'm currently gardening thanks to Dave and Sheila giving me a little spot to garden and some plants to put in it.

I'm helping Dave T make a vegetable garden.

And thanks to Dave T I've got some fresh beading supplies that will hopefully enable me to make some kick ass stuff because I'm going to need to pay him back...LOL

Pics will follow of the gardening and beading.

Right now...well right now I'm exhausted from clearing garden beds.

But Sheila baked a chocolate cake tonight so how can it be all that bad, I ask you?

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