Thursday, 3 May 2012

Someone get me a walker and a knit sweater...STAT

So I just turned 40 and I've suddenly got a bad left hip which is either arthritis or bursitis as well as skyrocketing blood pressure.

It's all so sudden.

I woke up one morning with a sore hip I guess around a month and a half ago and it just never got better.  Nothing happened...there was no injury.  It just started hurting.

Three or four months ago my blood pressure was holding steady around 118/ 68.  For the last few months it's been high.  Today it was 148/ 102.

I've asked 2 doctors, 3 nurse practitioners, and one nurse about the sudden change of blood pressure.


Someone get me a walker and a knit sweater STAT.

But before you do, check out the latest batch of cookies I made for the studio tour this weekend.

 It's only my second attempt at cookie decorating.  Yeah I know they look amateur but I like 'em. 

Tonight I'm makin' mini-cupcakes!!!

That is, if I can get out of my chair now that I'm apparently on a steady decline into infirmity.


  1. They look really good! (except for maybe the one in the bottom right corner... :P )
    How did you do it?

  2. Yeah the one in the bottom corner got blobbed on...LOL

    They're butter cookies with royal icing. Sweetopia has a good recipe and quick tutorial on how to decorate with it.

    Basically you make the royal icing and have to use piping bags. One piping bag for each colour. I actually wanted to do more colours but I only have 2 couplers to hold the piping tips.

    For the black and white cookies, I outlined the cookie with black. Next I made diagonal black stripes. Then I "flooded" the rest of the cookie with the white icing and while it was all still wet, I took a toothpick and dragged it across the cookie (within the border).

    Then you have to leave them to dry out.

    Black icing is very, very messy though...just sayin'! And it turns your tongue purplish black. LOL