Thursday, 17 May 2012

Love Letter

This is part of an email I wrote to someone I care about.

It strikes me as exactly the type of advice I should be telling myself.

So here it is, as a reminder, that I should remember that I said these words and that I should have this kind of empathy for myself as well.

We all should.

"It doesn't matter how hard it is or how lonely you must feel at times, or all the shit you have to deal with in still keep going. 

That in itself is amazing. 

You have a lot of people that love you and even if the inner self-worth demons make you doubt it, they/we are still here caring about you.
That means you are worthwhile.

My therapist often tells me to stop listening to all that inner crap that tells me I'm worthless. After all, why would you listen to someone who doesn't like you?

So listen to me instead.

You rock.

<3 you big time."

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