Saturday, 17 March 2012

cookies for a sad day in our house

It was a sad day around these parts.  My housemates who are my best friends decided it was time to let their little Jack Russell pass on.

His name was Finnegan but we all affectionately called him Mr.Figs.

Privately I  must admit I called him Sweetums.  

He was almost 17 and in rough shape but he was so well taken care of that he had such a good life.  For a little dog he had a stubborn streak a mile wide and it certainly made itself known in the last months of his life.  That little dog hung on while his body and mind gave out on him.  But as usually happens with our animals, they give us some sort of sign when it's their time.

It was his time and he went peacefully instead of having to suffer.

They did right by him.

So I helped in any way I could and then I baked because it makes me feel better.

I turned this...

Into these....

They're butter cookies sandwhiched with hazelnut spread and dipped in chocolate.  For an experiment they turned out fairly ok.  I've really got to make an effort to make the butter cookies thinner though if I'm going to make sandwhich cookies.

Cookies don't make it all better or fill the hole of  the passing of a beloved pet....

I'm not quite sure why they're my answer to everything.

But they enjoyed them and I guess that's what I'm aiming for.

You will be missed Mr.Figs.  If there is a heaven go find my husband and Doonie and keep them company. 


  1. They look yummy...but you shoulda made fig newtons...

  2. Never underestimate a good cookie in a time of crisis....