Saturday, 3 March 2012

Random photos...old and new

I don't have much to say tonight so instead I'm putting up some random pictures that I like.

Me and my sister Robin at Toronto Zoo

This picture was taken by my late husband Dave.  I have no idea if it's spring or fall.  I really can't remember.  It was within a year of us moving to Whitby.  That was an awesome day at the zoo and a great visit with my sister.


My late husband Dave and our dog Doonie who died of cancer the year before he did.

This was taken back in our house in Nepean.  What a handsome man he was.  Damn I hung those pictures way too high.    Now that I've got access to all my old pictures again I can't help but feel a little (a lot) sentimental as I look through them.  There's so much I would have done differently if I had known then what I know now.  God I miss him so much.


New Easter Cookie Cutters!

Check it out!  New easter cookie cutters!!!  Ok, admittedly I'm a little addicted to cookie cutters at the moment but, hey, it's cheaper than crack so don't judge me.  Plus they're purdy colours!

Who wants Easter cookies???


My Nails!

CHECK IT OUT BITCHEZ!!!!  These are my nails and had to be recorded for posterity.  My nails NEVER look this good.   Hey, ya gotta appreciate the little things in life, yanno?

OMG I just noticed something smudged into a cuticle and I'm too damn lazy to photoshop it out.  

Must.  Not.  Fixate.

Well there ya have it.  These are the photos that were on my mind today.

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