Friday, 2 March 2012

Memories of my old life

Yay!  I finally got my peripheral drive working again.  Now I have access to all my old pictures and I even found a short video of Dave trying out our new camera waaaay back when.

I must have watched this about 20 times in a row.

It was taken just before we moved to Whitby.

I also found a picture of the garden I made.  When we moved to our first house (across the lawn from the house I grew up in), the yard was nothing but a gigantic overgrown cedar hedge and some sketchy grass.   We took out the hedge, and built the fence together.  Then, over the summer while he was at work, I dug out the patio area, laid 2 types of gravel, built u the garden beds and planted the garden myself.

I had it so good and didn't even realize it.

All I kept thinking of was how the house could be bigger, the yard could be bigger....shit like that.  I really didn't appreciate what I had.  I had the love of my life, a house, a garden I made myself, my sister next door, and lots of wonderful pets.

I feel like we were still kids and had so much growing up to do.  I only wish we could have done it together.

Hindsight is cruel bitch.

I totally need to bake something.

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  1. You need a copy of the boat video where you test "the squishiness of your lips" with the big clamps.