Sunday, 18 March 2012

Them Cookies is UGLY!

Oh I had so many plans for today. 

My kitchen is a disaster and in need of cleaning.  My apartment is in serious need of vaccuuming.  I've got some sewing I want to do...

The list goes on...

Unfortunately yesterday I had somewhat cavalier attitude towards dairy products and being lactose I paid for my insolence.

So instead, once I could leave the vicinity of the bathroom with confidence, I took Sam for a nice walk.

He's been whiny and spring feverish lately.  He's also behaving a little out of character in not wanting to really play fetch in the backyard.  He LIVES for fetch.  Walking is only a means to get to someplace to play fetch and he tends to get frustrated when that doesn't happen.

Usually I run his fuzzy legs off in the backyard until he's too tired to move but I think he's a little bored with the routine so I thought I'd stretch his legs and change the scenery a little. 

He still ended up carrying a stick for half the walk hoping to stop and play fetch but when he got tired enough he just dropped it and plodded on. 

It was good for both of us.

I also had some leftover butter cookie dough in the fridge that I have to use up and I had a vision.

What I pictured was something like this...

(image from

What I got was this....

Ok, so I didn't actually look at a recipe.  I figured how hard could it be?  

Them's ugly cookies.

They did taste pretty good though.

Here's a tip for all you experimental bakers out there.  You can minimize the ugliness of your cookies if you arrange them into a pleasing pattern on your serving plate.

Sorta like this...

Ok, it doesn't look ALL THAT MUCH BETTER.

I tried.

I've still got more dough left to use...what should tomorrow's experiment be???