Sunday, 11 March 2012

Game of Thrones, Bunny Suits, and Cookies

Do you like Game of Thrones?  I do.  So my friends and I decided to head into the big city to the TIFF Bell Lightbox venue to see the Game of Thrones exhibit. 

The exhibit was smaller than I thought and I'm telling you...the women on that show really neat to eat a sandwich.  The women's costumes were alarmingly small.  I have to admit though, they were beautiful.

And then we waited in line for about 1/2 an hour for a chance to get our pictures taken as we sat on the mighty throne.  IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

I had all these serious looking sultry faces planned when it was my turn.  I was going to toss my fiery locks and stare that camera down.

Not so much.

Here's my serious face.

And here's me walking away while everyone shouted, "WAIT!!!!!!!!  THERE'S ONE PICTURE LEFT!!!!"

I'm grabbing my ass and looking strange.

You should have seen everyone's panicked expressions and outstretched arms telling me to stay put.  It was hilarious, surprising, and embarrassing at the same time.  I actually had a physical reaction to it and went completely weak for a second.  I thought I was going to fall down.  

It was awesome.

One of the guys doing the pictures said it was his favourite picture of the day.  Hahaha.

There was another free exhibit at TIFF about Canadian costumes in movies which was really interesting to see.

Dave T even got a picture of me standing in front of the bunny costumes for the movie Hank & Mike before security told us photos weren't allowed.  Seriously...I love the movie Hank & Mike.  It's hilarious.

STEAK AND FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch the movie and you'll understand.

And because no day is complete without some sort of cookie, I give you the Elephant's Ear cookie which I did not actually buy but which I took a picture of because I love cookies and I love elephants.  That seemed like a good enough reason to me.

Really fun day.

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